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September 7, 2010

Just Stuff...

It's week 3 of school, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Here are some of the things/ideas floating around in this head of mine...without pictures.

Whiteness--yes, I took a class this summer, but after a racist chalking incident on campus during the first week, my passion against the oppression of marginalized groups has been reignited.

Violence against women---yes, I chose those words explicitly. Not "gender violence" because I honestly think these two phrases have particularly different meanings. These will be explicated in another post at another time....perhaps when I'm less upset.

Sensationalization--Defined from this free website. To cast and present in a manner intended to arouse strong interest, especially through inclusion of exaggerated or lurid details. I'm interested in having conversations with you because I have you in mind, because you are my friend, because I want to be a part of your friend rankings....not because I want to arouse my own (or any others) personal interest.

Open Learning--not really defined, as much as my own explanation. I've always been interested in creating (in as much as possible) an accessible classroom, for a variety of learning styles and abilities. I believe this is a two-way street, though, in that a teacher can only do so much to engage a student on her/his own. While abilities and styles of learning are very different topics, when talking about the classroom and student engagement, I attempt to create an environment that is open for all bodies...

Equal Rights (Amendment)--in 1923, Alice Paul alongside a variety of strong women, worked to gain the right for women to vote. But, the battle stopped there. Women are still discriminated against in the workplace and therefore wages. In 2010, many women are (still) complacent with this information. I am not.

As the World Turns---please don't go off the air. 1956. Though I was nowhere near my mother's 5 year old uterus during this year, I love this show. I love the performers. I love the storylines. I don't know what I will do after September 17th. Of course, I may have said this after the end of other shows that I was addicted to (a.k.a. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Angel, Charmed, etc.).

Preliminary Exams--Feminist Pedagogy, Critical Pedagogy, Whiteness, Silence, Autoethnography, Gender and Communication, Rhetorical Analysis. I should probably write these questions.

Organization of time---my time is like *whoa* right now. Lots of it, no management of it. I need to create and follow a schedule. I need to get back to writing my (this) blog regularly. I need to finish this Instructor's Resource Manual. I need to get my Prelims questions written. I need to read for class. I need to get lots of academic work done because someday....I'm going to need (and WANT) a full-time tenure track teaching/research gig!

Happy Tuesday.

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