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December 27, 2011

December Pictures

Ok, these aren't for each day, but it's a glimpse into the month of December!

The deer hanging out in our backyard (a.k.a. the mountain), as I look out the kitchen window...

I cut off the top, but here's our lovely christmas tree this year. Most of the gifts are for the nieces and nephews! snow a few days before christmas--just this dreadful rain!

We had to get out of the house after Dr.B's semester was complete to work off some excess (negative) energy. So, that cue ball really got it!

A little christmas eve gift to ourselves...We're goin' to see the Stillers play in Pittsburgh!

On the walk over to the stadium. After parking downtown, we walked to "the point" and then across the Allegheny River. was a bit of a trek, but it was FABULOUS!

We were seated in row LL, which (in case you aren't aware) is the tippy-top row in this stadium. Yikes! The picture doesn't provide good proof, but we really could see everything that was happening on the field!

Dr.Blueberry and me in the stands! Black and Yellow!

I have no idea what happened. Some 70's song came on (I tried so hard to remember the tune, but I failed!), the crowd went wild, and yeah....terrible towels were flinging all around! It was awesome!

The ice skating rink around the christmas tree in downtown Pittsburgh. Beautiful!

I promised my nephews that I'd leave cookies out for Santa (even though they were 2000 miles away), vegan snicker doodles, a cup of soy milk, and a bottle of Chanti--hey, ya never know what Santa will want to drink!

Looks like Santa had a darned fine time at our place!

And, apple pie. I made this early in the month--the 2nd of December I think. I was supposed to make it for Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't get it together!

December 3, 2011

November Pictures

In the Fall 2011, SIUC faculty went on strike...this was one of the cartoons hanging around campus that made me giggle and contemplate.

We've barely had the new Subaru 6 months, and already 9000 miles! yikes! Must be all those trips we took over the summer!

The best vegan cheese spread I've tasted to date! I made nachos and nachos and more nachos, and then I couldn't find it at my local Whole Foods. This package I found at the St Louis Whole Foods. Yum!

We headed to a conference in New Orleans in November, and our hotel room (at the beautiful Chateau Bourbon) overlooked Bourbon Street....this is the daytime shot! Fun times for sure!

December 2, 2011

October Pictures

I've been really behind on posts, but here're a few pictures with descriptions!

Orphan Annie Eyes

To Lay Brick

In St Louis, on the Delmar Loop, I found my thrills!

This reminds me of Wellington....Andy will understand!

When I was in Chicago in October, my cousin (pictures below) and I went on a boat tour of Chicago Architecture....this was one of the amazing views!

My handsome and super-sweet cousin.

My cousin's cat, Daisy, usually avoids me like I've got the plague, but on this trip, she was even sleeping on my lap! So sweet...makes me miss Sammie and want another kitty.

At the Hotel Orrington in Evanston, IL. Seriously awesome and easily accessible vegan food in Evanston, and the hotel was beautiful!

It doesn't look like much in this photo, but compare the width to that of the two car driveway at left...yeah...that's how many leaves Dr.Blueberry and I (mostly I) raked out of this huge yard! Wowza!

Our dryer went kapooie, but this nice man came by and fixed it for the perfect was a bit scary watching him take it apart and to see the burnt wire that was the problem--can we say house fire fear!?

On a very short hike in WV, I hurt my foot pretty badly...this is me keeping my leg iced and propped up!

O'Fallon Pumpkin Beer...need I say more?

A Match Meat burger at The Royale in St Louis, with sweet potato chips. Yum!

Lemon pepper tofu, cous cous, and spinach! Yum!

October 26, 2011

Vegan Halloween Candy

As the haunting holiday gets closer, I thought I'd share this special find...

Vegan Almond Joy Bars!

Yum--I'm making these for a party I'm going to Saturday!

October 8, 2011

All Things Pumpkin Warm My Heart...

It's true....I love pumpkin.

If you do also, check out these treats...some of them seem easily convertible to vegan!,,20307007,00.html


September 28, 2011

Pictures over the Recent Few Weeks

On Monday the 22nd (?) I took pictures in the Kleinau again (Lightbulb), and here are just a couple of my favorites!

Checking out a Prism

Talking to Art, the 6ft imaginary frog.

On the Davis & Elkins College campus, walking across the bridge to the library...

B'day gifts for the nieces, bought from Etsy!

A new bike rack by my office at SIUC, with a pretty cool bike!

cous cous and veggies. yum!

Oh the coffee shop in Carbondale!

September 16, 2011

Peanut Butter Pillows

I want these cookies now! Seriously...chocolate and peanut butter (really, chocolate and anything) sounds awesome for b'fast today!

Lazy Friday!

September 5, 2011

September 1, 2011

Pictures from August...

I'm obviously behind, but here're a few of the pictures I took during the month of August. Enjoy!
Moving from Illinois to West Virginia--Dr.Blueberry drive the Budget truck, and I drove his car behind him the whole way...boring!

And, yet, when we arrived in WV, this is what we found---beautiful! The bottom half of the house in the back is built into the mountain, and the front yard is short (picture below) with a mountain on the other side of the road.

A (non-vegan) chocolate eclair, not eaten by me, but by my friend Satoshi. Doesn't it look delish!?

I stayed at a friend's place for a couple of weeks, and the day I mowed the lawn, I looked out and saw this adorable little friend hanging out. He clearly liked the smell of fresh grass also!

Next to the Recycling Center in town...I was only slightly freaked out, for just a brief moment!

As I cleaned my office in Carbondale, I came across this little gem. My colleague Chris had drawn it out during the Fall 2010 semester as part of a conversation about ethical eating. I love this picture so much!

A picture perfect tree on the Davis and Elkins College campus.

Dr.Blueberry's new office is on the third floor, maybe the 4th or 5th window from left...

Isn't the Davis and Elkins College campus gorgeous?! Such character!

A beverage in town was necessary on this day....this Yuengling was delightful!

August 30, 2011

More Pictures from July...

I finished the baby blankie!

Yum...homemade pizza, with daiya!

Oh, Southern Illinois Wine never fail us! Hickory Ridge probably has the best of the wines...seriously!

gorgeous view of the wine trail

If it's not wine, it's "The Champagne of Beers" for me!