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the day to day life of me, the bourgeois gal. this blog is a space for me to write about my daily life, including my vegan and vegetarian cooking, baking, and dining experiences, the research I do, the travel I embark upon, and other random things in this little thing we call life.

April 30, 2011, Saturday?

O, O, o-O-OH. O, O, o-Oh.
O, O, o-O-OH.
The Right Stuff!

Oliver's got it, for sure....The right stuff, that is. He's one cool dude. 

Now, as you glance at Oliver's (Oli, for short) FB profile, you might be thinking, "...Um, BG, this person lives in Germany, and you live in, uhhhhhh, Illinois. How is this a friendship?" How is this a friendship, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya. To be honest, I've never Met Oli. Dr.Blueberry spent a few months in Germany in the Fall of 2009, and while he was there, he met Oli. In fact, he lived with Oli for a few days while Dr.B was waiting for the apartment he rented to be ready. Admittedly, I was a bit bothered by this prospect: staying with someone he didn't know, but Dr.B got soooooo lucky with Oli! He's a super-swell dude! 

And, well, since I don't have any experience-in-my-body memories necessarily to share with you, I'll simply share my FB memories... Oli and I met via Dr.Blueberry on FB. I don't speak any German, Oli speaks some English (yay!!!). Together, we're quite the pair. When he updates his FB status, I got NO IDEA what he's saying. He taught me on FB to say "Guten Morgen!" one day--this made me happy, happy. His statuses usually involve some smart web link or a fresh and happy "guten morgen" to his readers, and on occasion he mentions upcoming plans, such as grilling out, a memory that I believe Dr.B was able to experience with Oli!

And, while these little moments are the things that connect us currently, I am absolutely certain that we will have the chance to meet within the next few years, as Dr.B and I are hopeful to visit Berlin again someday.

It's my great pleasure to introduce you to my friend, Oli-the-Berliner!


April 28, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Simplicity

There's just something about a delicious and simple BLT sandwich... Seriously, when the tomatoes are perfectly ripe, these little gems can really top off a day, and for some odd reason, I've been really wanting one lately. I ate at the Spiral Diner in Fort Worth last week with my brother and sister-n-law (and nephews), and they had a VLT on the menu--I'm assuming VeggieBac'n-Lettuce-Tomato--but I didn't have it (there were far too many delicious vegan menu items to choose from!)....I'm regretting this decision.

Today, I am going to the store--I haven't been since I got back into town--to buy veggies and such, and I'll also buy the "fixins" for a BLT vegan style: bread, veggiebac'n, lettuce, tomato, and some vegannaise... Now, admittedly, I've never been a huge fan of the vegannaise, but I'm thinking it's time to get over it.

So, BLT! It's what's for dinner (tonight!)!

April 24, 2011

This (and last) week in Pictures

I've been traveling since Wednesday morning, and have had limited internet access....bear with me as I try to catch up.

I had a meeting in Anthony Hall last week...this was the "waiting area" picture.

Thanks for some pro-choice supporters at escorting last weekend!

My friend Sabrina gave me this, and I love's made of that really mushy gooey material that is gross, lol!

Getting my nails done, shellac style!

the storm is'a coming to Carbondale!

Springtime makes me so happy!

Look at that life!

One of my classmates and her wild hair--love this gal! She's adorable!

Driving across East Texas to get to the DFW area.

And, the Texas flag flies high!

My brother and sister-in-laws cat, Jack! He's such a lover!

Indian food in Denton

A close-up!

On the Border, woot!

Veggie fajitas (cooked without the butter)!

University of North Texas, the backside of the General Academic Building

When I was a grad student here, this is where we hung times!

Only in Texas will you find a waffle iron this shape!

My brother and sister-in-laws fancy new couch. White leather, with 3 boys...wowza, what a choice!

At the Spiral Diner--a vegan cafe--in Fort Worth. Sooooo yummy!

My sister-in-law enjoying a "meatball sub" at the Spiral Diner!

Friend Friday: Paul


I met Paul in the 8th grade (I believe). History class, with Mrs.Beall. I despised that class, and I wasn't crazy about Mrs.Beall. But, that class brought us together...Paul, Danny (I believe), and I had a constant competition in that class that kept us going--seriously, we might otherwise have fallen off the wagon!

Fast forward from high school to college... I had lost touch with Paul (and so many others when I changed schools my sophomore year), and lo' and behold, there he was at Texas Tech University (where I only spent a year of my college life)! I was so excited. I remember Paul sitting on my dorm room bed, showing me his signed dollar bill---who had signed it, I no longer remember, but my guess is that he still has it...a country singer, I think. We talked about high school, we talked about prom (he went with another of our dear friends!), we talked about the future 10 year reunion (we were gonnna go together!). We had good times.

Fast forward another almost 10 years...high school reunion has come and gone, and yet, we have found each other again, on Facebook. So awesome being able to connect with dear friends!

Recipe Thursday: A bit of a healthy kick

Over the recent few weeks, I've been on a bit of a healthier kick---this is not meant to suggest that I eat healthy, only that some of the things I've eaten have been healthy-ish! So, in that, I've been making a simple polenta, vegetable and seitan dish...

Here's what ya need:
Buy a roll of polenta (when bought pre-made in a roll, it's easy to slice and pan sear...)
frozen or fresh veggies (your favorites for "stir-fry" style cooking is best!)
WestSoy (or some other brand) seitan (mentioned in this previous entry)
Braggs (mentioned in this previous entry)

Here's what ya do:
Warm 2 lightly oiled skillets
In the first, heat 1/4 thick sliced polenta on both sides until a little golden brown looking (or at least browner than when you started; really, you're just warming them!)
In the second, heat the seitan to preferred consistency, then add veggies and cook to desired consistency. When ready, add a little Braggs (I don't measure; I just make sure it's well mixed around the pan); cook a little longer (so that there's no standing liquid from the Braggs).

Serve warm veggies and seitan mixture on top of the polenta.

April 15, 2011

Friend Friday: Olivia

Olivia is a former student, who I've been able to keep in touch with because of Facebook. She was in the first Speech Communication 101 course I taught at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. I don't know that there's much I can say about Olivia, without breaking some sort of FERPA law, but I can share a couple of my favorite non-school moments with you...

  • Going to McDonald's after class with Olivia and Bethany to get McMuffins (or some other b'fast delight!)
  • Running into her at Schnucks grocery one day, when she asked, "what are you doing here?" (this has always been one of my favorite student questions of me in public places....ya know, as if I don't also need to shop for groceries!)
  • Hearing her talk about her big sister, also a SIUC student
  • Visiting with her and Bethany in the hallways of the Pulliam building, before and after class

I hope she also has fond memories of our class and out-of-class time! She was one of the first students at SIUC to embrace me, and for that I am ever-humbled.


April 14, 2011

Recipe Thursday: A "Steal" from Elsewhere...

I've gotten good at finding really great recipes on the interwebz. So, I thought I'd share another find, and then (honest!) I'll get back to posting some of the things I already make and love...

My friend Kristi posted this recipe recently, in connection to her post about celery. I love celery, in soups, stir fry, to snack on....lots and lots of uses for celery! So, I say, we give this recipe the good 'ole college try! I think to veganize it, drop the yogurt/buttermilk and add a little extra olive oil/lemon juice mixture (I like olive oil and lemon juice, remember...), and honestly, the hardest part will be cooking the darned wild know what I'm talking about!



April 11, 2011

This week in Pictures

Ok, so I didn't take a picture everyday. This week was super-sad. Last Sunday I mentioned in my blog that my friend and mentor (really, my academic advisor) passed away. This week, I was lucky to spend time with many friends, from out of town and local, as we all tried to find space to heal. Honestly, taking pictures was the furthest thing from my mind. But, I did manage to take a few.

Dr.Blueberry took me to our fave local mexican restaurant to try to cheer me up. It looks like I've been crying, but really, we had been laughing a bit!

Friends Julie and Rob!

Friends Benjamin and Andrew!

Beautiful Southern Illinois in the Springtime

Andrea and baby Zachary (passed out)

"Orgasmic Cinnamon Rolls" (see Thursday Recipe blog)


Again, beautiful Southern Illinois in the spring

April 9, 2011

Friend Friday: Nikki

Nichole "Nikki" Richter. I met Nikki on July 4th, 2005 (yikes! I think it was 2005!), in Denton, TX. She was in Denton for a debate camp on the campus of the University of North Texas. She was connected to Dr.Blueberry and our dear friend Dave via debate, but I loved her from the moment I met her!

Favorite memory...
The day I met her also happens to be her birthday, and I love, love, love birthdays, so I insisted that we all go out. We sat on the roof top of Cool Beans, enjoyed a few beverages, and then she and I went and sat in a parking lot to watch fireworks.

Memories of Nikki always make me ya, gal!

April 7, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Cinnamon Rolls

Ok, I have confession... I miss the simple, deliciousness of donuts. That's not a confession I would ordinarily make because, quite frankly, I know they are awful for me. But, in the end, that doesn't change my desire to eat them--if that worked, I'd probably be much more thin! Well, anyways, I'm not eating donuts these days because of the "vegan for lent" bit, and I've really, really been missing them. So, when I saw this recipe for cinnamon rolls, I thought to myself, "this might work..." And, while I haven't had a chance to make them yet, I will be making them this weekend. So, I'll be sure to post a picture on Sunday!

Hope you like this!

Orgasmic Cinnamon Rolls!

April 3, 2011

This week in Pictures

I took a lot of pictures this week, so I'm just gonna post and write a quick blurb... I honestly don't know which pictures are for what day--it's sad, I know!

You wanna know why I took this picture? Really? I mean...just look at the word on the word verification screen--it sounds like a horrible disease or a medical tool, or was just too good to not take a picture of!

Wednesday--driving thru Olathe, KS to Wichita at a place called Cilantros. The folks who owned the joint were friendly and helpful, and totally made me this plate of vegan nachos! Yum!

How many miles I got out of the tank...

Che, the enchanted!

At On the Border in Wichita. Fajitas!

Che is a fat lap cat, but I kinda love him!

A sign for "Junk in the Trunk," a plus size consignment shop

Looking sassy, aren't I!

Gina and John T Warren, taken at Dr.Blueberry & my wedding, June 5, 2010.  John was my friend, my mentor, and my advisor. He was a father, a son, a brother, a husband, and a friend to many. On April 2, 2011, he passed from complications of esophageal cancer. He is already greatly missed.

Friend Friday: Mary Francis

I know, I's Sunday, not Friday. This month is just a little hectic, and as much as I try to keep it together these days, I'm not doing such a hot job of that. But, I got this for ya....

My best friend in 7th grade. My worst enemy in the 8th grade. My best friend in the 9th grade. (Such was the way of friendships in those times.) While I might have the years wrong, I don't have the drama wrong. Mary and I, well, we have a history, and it's mostly good times--and, what isn't marked as a "good" time, I look back on and giggle about; hopefully she does too. Isn't it nice to reconnect with old friends--ya know, real friends--on facebook!?

Here are a few things to know about Mary and my history...
Cowboys boots and tight jeans.
Tall hair of the 80s and 90s.
Learning to drive.
Listening to heavy metal.

Let's see...a few inside jokes for Mary:
"Hit the floor"
"3 minute man"
"It don't feel good"

Yeah...there're are things I'm also sworn to secrecy about. So, I better stop there!

Love ya, gal!