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June 25, 2012

Lush T'eo: A Review

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Your Rating: 5 stars
Headline: Love it!

Pros : Long-Lasting, Hypo-Allergenic, Doesn't get on clothes, Great Smell, Good Protection
Cons : Messy
Best Uses : Daily Use
Describe Yourself : Natural, Perspire Easily, Faculty
When you survey your stash, you label this product : Guilty Pleasure

I use this product daily. I walk a great deal around a college campus during the daytime, so I need something that lasts all day, and T'eo does the trick!

A couple of things I really love about T'eo:
*I love that the powder does NOT appear on my black tube top when I wear it!
*I love that I can apply once daily without having to refresh!
*I love that it feels much more natural than the other  deodorant I was using before!

A tip or two:
*Buy the tin to hold it--I didn't, and I'm regretting it, as there's a white, powdery residue on my dresser now (it wipes off, obviously, but it looks like a mess until I take a rag to the dresser). :(
*If you shave, wait about 10-15 minutes before applying T'eo, otherwise it might sting just a bit (I'm super sensitive to pain, and it only slightly bothers me if I apply immediately after shaving).

As a spend thrift, buying T'eo felt like a guilty pleasure...I never imagined myself paying $8 for deodorant, but (a friend talked me into it and) it's totally worth it. I am guessing for as little as I use daily, this brick will last me at least 3 months, which in comparison to other  deodorants, might even save me a bit of money!

Plus, I feel like I'm being a bit more green by not buying a plastic encased deodorant container!


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