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November 28, 2010

Southern Fried Tofu

Ok, so it's not the healthiest of meals since it's deep fried, but it enabled Dr.Vegan and I to finish off our leftovers today...

So, since we don't eat meat (i.e. fried chicken), we make fried tofu instead. This is not the asian variety that you might get at your local chinese restaurant....this is breaded and deep fried and delicious (in a different kind of way)!

How do ya make it vegan, southern fried style? Simple.
Something you should know about tofu:
Tofu naturally has water both in the container that holds it and in the tofu--for instance, sometimes I press tofu to get the water out and then marinate it in other things (i.e. soy sauce or lemon juice) to soak up the marinade (not this time, though). As an example, I'll soon post a lemon-pepper tofu recipe!
For Southern Fried:
When you open the container, drain the water out of the container, slice the tofu into squares (size varies, depending on your tastes, but I like them a little smaller than a 1x1 cube so that they get a little crispier), toss them in a flour, salt, pepper (or whatever other dry seasonings you might ordinarily use in a "breading") mixture, and then drop them into your deep fryer (hot grease, of course).
Depending on the age of your grease (that is, how long you've been using it), the breading will be either a light or dark golden brown, but it only takes about 5-7 minutes for this stuff to cook up if your grease is hot before you put it in.
The breading will get crispy and perhaps golden brown, and the tofu inside will be nicely cooked (don't worry, it really doesn't take long for it to cook!)

Serve with your favorite southern style sides (green bean casserole, mashed taters/gravy, etc.), a roll, and some (sweet?) tea, and you've got yourself a meal. This simple recipe is one of the reasons I believe people say "Tofu tastes like chicken." Though I don't agree with the statement, I appreciate the sentiment: tofu can easily replace chicken in one's diet.


PS I don't drink sweet tea, but some southerners consider this a staple in their diet!


  1. Fried tofu sounds so good right now. I wish I had not read this just before dinner now. Lol. Keep up the interesting posts. I really dig your blog.

  2. I really dig YOU, and I'm glad you're liking the posts---I'm not very good about keeping up with it when I get busy, but I try real hard! :)