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November 29, 2010

Monday Madness...

Today I feel like I'm on the fast track to drowning...
  • I have reading to do for my Gender and Comm class that is tomorrow afternoon
  • I have three prelims questions to write this week, and though some of each of them is written none of them is complete
  • I have a major writing assignment to prepare, but thankfully it's not due until next week (and I'm feeling fairly together about it)
  • I'm trying to hunt down a slew of books before the December break arrives

However, it's the Monday after Thanksgiving week--a week that we get the entirety off to celebrate here at SIUC. This means that last week when I should have been working, I was spending time with my sweetie, holiday shopping, cooking delicious food, and being generally relaxation focused (before the madness hit!).

Well, guess what!? The madness is here, and it's taking over the next three weeks of my life (and probably yours).

So, today I'm feeling the Monday Madness like never before, and well, I simply wanted to pause to share! For lunch, I had leftover pizza from Quattro's and the final slice of my chocolate pie. What's for dinner tonight? Lemon-pepper tofu with rice pilaf. My tofu has been marinating since yesterday, so I'll post info and directions tomorrow (hopefully!).


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