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July 1, 2011

Tasty Restaurant/Recipe Thursday!

Here's an edit to my Thursday Recipe blogging idea... Dr.Blueberry and I eat out pretty regularly and travel really regularly, and since I talk a little bit about vegan food and dining options here, I think it's time I added a new "regular" topic: Restaurant Thursday or Recipe Thursday. This idea kinda arrived after our recent road travels, when I noticed that HappyCow has such strict guidelines about what gets added to their site--a practice that I do not intend to critique, as I recognize the value of the rules they set forth for adding restaurants.

Here's what happened...Dr.Blueberry and I were traveling through Springfield, MO last week, and there were only three dining options available to us. I called all three, and only two of them were open that day; and to make matters worse, the person I spoke with at each location, said, "Well, we have this one vegan option, and some salads that could be made vegan," a sentiment which always frustrates me. So, I decided instead to use the UrbanSpoon (currently linked to St Louis in my computer, since it's the closest big city) website to find a Thai-style restaurant to sit down at---I mean, Thai food=delicious tofu + fresh sauteed veggies + tasty, tasty seasoning and herbs...YUM! And, we happened upon a pretty good spot (Tasia). While we were sitting there, Dr.Blueberry said, "We should start contributing to [those websites]," and so I snapped pictures of the menu, the room, and one of our plates... (pictures and review forthcoming next week).

And, that's the beginning of this bloggers idea...I can't take all the "cred"--Dr.Blueberry is the creative mastermind!


Oh, and where did we eat? Tasia in Springfield, MO... Here are the menus and pictures of some of the food!

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