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December 2, 2010

Picture Taking...

Hey folks,

I've been taking pictures this week in the Kleinau Theatre, my academic departments experimental theatre space, where students and faculty perform their art. I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the shows--this was a double-bill weekend.

From the Current Season linked website
December 2-4th, 2010 Double Bill!
Meat My Package Written and Directed by Anna WilcoxenThis solo performance turns the dominant paradigm on its end and soaks the audience with a reality check. Through themes of queer female sexuality, this show will douse your senses. Bring your umbrella, because it's about to get WET. (WARNING: Mature themes.) 

Cutting the Fat
Written and Directed by Brian Healy
Cutting the Fat is a one-person auto-performance dealing with issues of size and identity as read in and against media representations of large men. The performer investigates the relationships between his large body and the societal norms that continue to discipline large bodies. Through this performance, he asks the audience to begin answering the question, how do I fit in?”

Hope you enjoyed the show!


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