bourgeois gal

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July 12, 2010

bourgeois gal

It's going to come up soon enough, so I'll just get it over with now...

Why the name "bourgeois gal?"

I don't know....I guess as of late, I've realized that I'm a little bourgeois. It's a reality I'm trying to face as a southern gal. I'm a little bit country...I'm a little bit rock and roll....I'm also a little bit high art and a little bit low art.

Such is life!

Today is the start of my advisor's summer class: Communication and Whiteness. Can't wait to get started--it's his area, his expertise, and I know it's gonna be awesome! In that, I suppose I ought to get ready!



  1. you should hit me up with the reading list from that class at some point. <3

  2. can do, can do (oh, and I had to revise it from whiteness pedagogy to comm & whiteness)!