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July 11, 2010

OMFG: First Entry

Yes, that is meant to rhyme. Get with it. I haven't blogged since the late 90s when I set up a blog, that I n.e.v.e.r. updated. And, well, I want to be a blogger, so we'll see how this actually goes.

Where to start? The beginning? Of my life? Oh, no.... that seems absurd. How about at the beginning of the month of June 2010 instead? That makes more sense.

In June 2010, I got married. This is me and my handsome fella (a.k.a. Dr.Vegan).We were married at the lovely Southern Illinois winery Starview. A colleague of mine served as our officiant, and our friends and family came from Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois to share in our special day. We had a vegan meal, with a meat option (how often to you hear of that happening!?) at C-Infinity Event Center. The was amazing! The dancing was superb thanks to our DJ and guests! And, it was fun!

Then we went on a honeymoon. Now, we're not the typical bride and groom, so "why" you may ask did we go on a typical honeymoon? I don't know....because we wanted to?! To the left is a a picture from our honeymoon. The red "monster" is Mynus and the grey "monster" is Jeero. They are Ugly Dolls, gifted to us on our wedding day. We took them on our honeymoon so that we didn't have to be in every picture. Oh...the swan? It's a towel, molded into the shape of a swan by the staff on Royal Caribbean.

Speaking of Royal Caribbean (RC). We we eat a vegetarian (me) and vegan (Dr.Vegan) diet in our household. Let me briefly share the drama of planning to go on a cruise with this kind of diet. We called in advance, we read other people's blogs, we asked around---ultimately, we felt confident we'd be able to eat on the ship! So, we booked the cruise, and sent an e-mail requesting special food accommodations (as we were told to), and we received a message saying (in brief) that "vegan diets are not accommodated." Needless to say we freaked out! We called RC, and were told the same thing; we even told them that we called before we booked and were told otherwise. It was all to no avail, and well, we had only 3 weeks until our cruise date, so there would be no refunds, no editions to our booking, no nothing. Yeah, we were stressed, worked out! We kept reading, we talked to a few more RC folks, and we got on the cruise ship and ATE! So, how did it work? Well, we finally spoke with someone who told us that there is a lot of variety on the ship (well, doh!), and then he told us what a typical menu might look like, and then he told us to talk to the Head Waiter when we got into the dining room, and the rest is dining history! Ok, maybe not... We were on the Freedom of the Seas ship. The formal dining room had an indian dish each night--it was delicious, and most nights, they simply did not add the raita to my partner's food to make it vegan. YAY! A couple of nights, the indian was Paneer Curry, which is kinda hard to make vegan given that cheese is the main ingredient, but on those nights we ate at the "feeding troth" (or the Windjammer, or the buffet, depending on your own description, which has lots of salad, fruits, and most often a pasta that is veg-friendly) or at Johnny Rockets (which had a vegan burger and endless mounds of fries/onion rings). So, to end this really long description...if you're vegan, you can actually eat on the Royal Caribbean ship Freedom of the Seas! Good luck!

What else happened in June? Well, we drove to Port Canaveral from our Illinois home---that was fun. Then we came home and started packing to move to new places (yes, places) for August. Both of these are too long to share right now. Perhaps I'll choose another time to elaborate on them--in fact, I w.i.l.l.!

And, then....

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