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July 13, 2010


One year.... One year ago today, I got my nose pierced (an accoutrement that has now been removed) and stopped eating meat. Well, actually I stopped eating meat a year ago yesterday; so today is the one year anniversary of my vegetarianism---the longest I've gone! Off and on for six-no seven-years I have "gone veg" as the kids say, but last year, I decided to stick with it---for a lot of reasons, among which are my health, my weight, my love for critters, and my adoring vegan partner!

In honor of this special day, here is a list of some of my recent fave veg/veg-friendly restaurants:
  • Nashville, TN: The Wild Cow 
    • If you make it here, try the Chocolate Heaven Cake (assuming they have it)
  • Daytona Beach, FL: Pasha Cafe
    • Delish Mediterranean food!
  • Cape Canaveral, FL: Thai Thai
    • Very very very tasty! And, close to the port for Royal Caribbean!
  • Orlando, FL: Ethos Vegan Kitchen
    • Super amazing VEGAN food!
    • And, on Dr.Vegan's bday, they gave him a piece of delish vegan chocolate cake!
  • Gainsville, FL
    • Boca Fiesta
      • Dig the cool bar feel!
    • Reggae Shack
      • Jamaican, mon!
      • Try the Jerk Tofu; it's not as hot as they say it is, and its enough to share with someone!
  • Atlanta, GA: Lotsa places to try...
    • Soul Vegetarian: Run by the black muslims; so f'in good!
    • Flying Biscuit: Not exactly vegan, but several options (and, the biscuits? to die for!)
    • Mellow Mushroom: Pizza...try the tofu (or don't), but definitely stop in here!
  • Birmingham, AL: My friend Jason lives there, and he introduced me to...
    • Bottle Tree Cafe and Lounge. The music gets kinda loud; so having a conversation is hard, but the buffalo tofu is AH-mazing!
  • St Louis, MO: Shang-Ri-La
    • They make a "Hostess" style cupcake in the vegan variety; HOLY-Hostess!
  • Chicago, IL: Chicago Diner
    • Um...boys town, all vegetarian; reuben sandwich. You make your own choice!
  • Pittsburgh, PA: So many little time!
    • Quiet Storm: breakfast; sunday brunch; vegan/vegetarian options.
    • Spak Brothers: vegan buffalo seitan "wings"
    • Mad Mex: Try the Tofu Tacos...seriously, just try them!

I know there are more...there are so many more, but this is what I can compile in this moment!

Peace, love, and veggies!

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