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July 20, 2010

The Mouse in My House

The day we arrived home from our honeymoon, I saw a mouse in our downstairs sitting room. Two days later, I saw it in our kitchen, and since then, I've seen it in the kitchen three more times. I borrowed a no-kill trap from a friend who recently caught a mouse, but the mouse simply laughs at the trap. I even attempted to bait it night before last and lastnight---also a "fail" as the mouse simply got in, took the bait, and took off! In honor of my frustration with the stoopid mouse, I have written the following:

Ode to the Mouse
You came into my house, and I've seen you often.
So after three sitings, I went shoppin'.
I borrowed a trap that would enable me to release you,
but you've evaded my attempts, and I've now begun to hate you.
You make me have bad dreams;
You eat the things I leave.
You are my brilliant enemy,
and when I get ahold of you, you'll wish you had long ago fleed.

Blessed be!

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