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June 25, 2011

Recipe Thursday: A Rare Find...Pizza!

When Dr.Blueberry and I were in Taos last week, we went to Taos Pizza Out Back for dinner one night. What a find... So, this week I will not share a recipe, instead I'll share this rare find! If you're ever in Taos, please check it out.

Here's the thing that makes this place amazing...the crust and the soy cheese. Ok, so I have to admit that since becoming a vegetarian and since becoming a vegan, I've never had pizza as good as this. The crust was thick, the veggies (We had the Pizza Primavera without the feta and mozza, add soy cheese). We ordered a large, which usually is not a problem for us to put down... We each had two pieces and had to box it up to bring back to the lodge we're staying at. Seriously, it's so thick and delicious, make sure you have a fridge you can put the leftover deliciousness in when you leave the Out Back!

Here's the pizza we ordered...

Hope you can make it there someday to enjoy this find!

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