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May 7, 2011

Friend Friday: Patrick

As I think about my Pal Patrick: former instructor, current friend, and Golden Girls and Designing Women connoisseur, I can only recall fond memories... But, in the summer of 2009, I have my fondest (and first) memory of P: the Gender and Higher Education course. First, know that this was such a great and informative course! I learned so much about myself in that class, especially about the ways I've been schooled; and the course has informed much of my research. Anyways, aside from that (important) note, I made a great deal of groovy education friends that summer. And, finally, I got to hear about P's black bird problem...

Now, if you've read any of my blog, you've figured out already that I'm a vegetarian, eating a vegan diet but really for health reasons (rather than social reasons). That said, I also have a tender heart. And, one day, P came to class talking about shooting the black birds in his yard, that if I recall correctly, they had been eating his squirrel food, an issue that he was none to happy about! The description kept going on and on (and on), and my friends were watching me and listening to him. And, at some point, I remember getting a little teary-eyed! I don't like to even kill spiders and wasps (granted, I will do so if they enter my safety zone!), but birds....yikes!

Ok, so the story probably has an ending, but alas, the important part is that he stopped talking about the bird, did his Cher impersonation (and, for the record, he does an AH-MAZING Cher!), and all has been well ever since! I'm curious if he even remembers this bird storying...

I adore me some Patrick! He's superbly swell, challenges my thinking in so many ways, and is just fun!

I dig!

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  1. Thank you, Christi, very much. I loved you - and our class - too! I'm not sure the story of the birds ever had an ending.... :) patrick