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May 29, 2011

Sunday Funday

Ok, not really...still writing prelims, so there's not much fun happening these days. This week, though, we went bowling, survived not one but TWO nasty storms, had a beautiful rainbow to enjoy, and wrote, wrote, wrote.
Pictures follow...

adorable bowling shoes

credit for the following rainbow pictures go to Toni Foy, who actually took the time to use a REAL camera, instead of her cell phone camera, which is why I did not get as nice a shot, lol! Thanks, Toni for letting me borrow these pics!

This one is curtesy of pal Zeppelyn

this taken by me. see what I mean!

My adorable friend Molly, holding one of the gifts my adorable friend Scott sent to me to help with Prelims stuff! Look at all that static!

This little pro-life baby is getting me through the writing process. Ok, not really, but I do like this picture. I move the baby pretty much everyday to a new spot, and when I glance up and see it, it makes me reinvigorates me! Yay for writing!!

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