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March 13, 2011

365: This Week in Pictures

It's been a fairly eventful week....enjoy!

Sunday---A glance at what is to come this week! eek!
Monday--Dr.Blueberry and I went to get our hairs cut at JCPenny Salon, and we came upon this tshirt (and so many other fun ones). This one reminded us of our friend Satoshi, one of whose nickname is Yoshi!
Tuesday--Another picture (courtesy of my brother this time) of my adorable nephew playing his first ball game! He's too cool!
Wednesday--Apple Crisp (see this post for recipe!)
Thursday--the cost of a pitcher of PBR at The Cellar! SCORE!
Friday--afternoon (what a beautiful afternoon!) spent at Starview Vineyards with Dr.Blueberry. I finished the knitting of this little gem, which will be a gift (for some occasion) for Dr.Bs step-father!
Saturday--this is a picture of our television, with the wii game Michael Jackson: the Experience. (borrowed from our friend Andrea). Hands down AWESOME!

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