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March 17, 2011

Buffalo Seitan

Going vegetarian was not easy for me---I'm from the south, Texas more specifically, and well, pretty much everything I ate growing up (as shown my my girlish waistline) was meaty and fried (fajitas, fried chicken, bbq, etc.). And, I gotta admit: I kinda love those things. So, as a vegetarian, I try as much as possible to recreate comfort foods--foods that I grew up with but with a vegetarian (and during Lent at least, vegan) twist.

Near the top of the list of favorites is "buffalo chicken wings." You may know these from places like Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings. And, let me be completely honest about this....I.Love.Buffalo.Wings. So, I consider myself lucky that a friend introduced Dr.Blueberry and me to Spak Brothers Pizza and More. Spak Brothers is in a trendy and up-and-coming part of Pittsburgh--explaining what I mean here requires an entirely different post--lots of hipsters have moved into that part of the city, and hipsters (as we all know) like to do trendy things, such as "go vegan." (oh no! does this make me a hipster!!!?)

So, Spak Brothers makes "Seitan Wings" and on-the-cheap, too! And, being the wing connoisseur that I am, I had to get me some of those wings....and STAT (um, and like everytime I go to Pittsburgh, ummmm.....yeaaaaaah, I'm kinda an addict now!). Ok, since I don't live in Pittsburgh anymore, I had to figure out how to make these dudes.

So, now to the recipe for-the-sharing!

(for two)

1 box Westsoy Seitan (the box looks like this, and you can get it at almost any grocery store)
1 jar Franks Red Hot Sauce
vegan margarine

Deep fry the seitan, and while that's cookin' mix up the sauce by following the recipe on the back of the Franks bottle (the recipe is easily modified to vegan by using the vegan margarine AND seitan instead of chicken, lol). Fry the seitan to your desired crispyness, and when done, pour sauce on top and serve. It's best when served hot, but it does keep and is pretty good cool too!

Seriously, could it get any easier than this?!

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