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March 20, 2011

Friend Friday...on Sunday!

It's been a long week--spring break and a string of "bad" news have enabled me to be a lazy sack of poo this week. Which means...I forgot to do my Friend post this week. "My Bad!"

Let me just start by saying that Krista is keen! I met her when I first moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Krista grew up and is one of the best friends of my dear friend Rachael, who I met in grad school; so, when Dr.Blueberry and I moved up there, Rachael suggested we meet. Our meeting story is kinda funny....we went to Harris' Grill in Shadyside. Dr.Blueberry went with me--hey! she coulda been a psycho-killer or something, so I wanted him to protect me (j.k., Krista!)---anyways, she was expecting me to be alone, and though we had looked at pictures of each other, she didn't look the same (to me) and I didn't look the same to her because I was with someone. So, for a good 15 minutes, we sat pretty close to one another on the patio not realizing that we were who we were looking for (oh, come'on! forgive the's a story!). Anyways, one of us called--I can no longer recall which one--and that's when we figured it out and connected. We had such a nice chat that evening, and many more in the two years I lived in Pittsburgh. And, she and I both no longer live in Pittsburgh, but we still chat oh....monthly!

She's totally awesome. I love me some Krista, and yeah. That's all I got!


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