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March 3, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Asparagus

One of my friends/former students/fellow blogger peeps recently posted an Asparagus recipe. In honor of that, I'd like to talk about my love for asparagus and share a recipe as well!

I don't have a recipe title....I guess "Balsamic Asparagus & Pine Nuts," but here goes anywho!!

asparagus--cleaned and trimmed
EVOO--about 2 T
balsamic vinegar--about 2T (or to taste)
pine nuts--1/8-1/4 c

Add EVOO and balsamic vinegar to a large skillet and warm on lowish heat (just enough to warm the oil). Add the pine nuts and increase heat; cook until they have a toasty look. Add asparagus and cook until it's tender.

Serve warm with Match Ground Chick'n or Polenta cakes or Tofu Steaks or something of the like.

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