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March 11, 2011

Friend Friday: Janelle

I have sooooo many FB friends whose name begins with a J, and I'm feeling very torn about who to choose today, but given that Janelle just texted me, I guess she wins!

Janelle is jolly, jolly, jolly--she's got lots of energy. We met at SIUC in our graduate program, in the Fall 2010 semester--well, really, we met in the Spring 2010, but we are more than just acquaintances since her visit to the campus and department. She is just swell. She is sassy. She keeps me on my toes. She loves to eat. She loves to run. She loves to laugh--she has an awesome laugh! She comes into my office everyday ("The best part of [her and my] day") that I'm there to say hello and visit before she goes off to her next commitment. She's always up for a challenge (I think, as much as she loves meat, she's removing meat from her diet for Lent) or an event (Superbowl, Grammy's, Emmy's, movie, drink, etc.), unless it's after 9pm, which essentially means we're soulmates given that I'm also in bed around that time. She watches NCIS with me, and Criminal Minds, and Law and Order, and so many other shows that I love, and even when we're not together watching them, we're texting while they are on.

So many things to say about my dear, dear Janelle!

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