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April 24, 2011

Friend Friday: Paul


I met Paul in the 8th grade (I believe). History class, with Mrs.Beall. I despised that class, and I wasn't crazy about Mrs.Beall. But, that class brought us together...Paul, Danny (I believe), and I had a constant competition in that class that kept us going--seriously, we might otherwise have fallen off the wagon!

Fast forward from high school to college... I had lost touch with Paul (and so many others when I changed schools my sophomore year), and lo' and behold, there he was at Texas Tech University (where I only spent a year of my college life)! I was so excited. I remember Paul sitting on my dorm room bed, showing me his signed dollar bill---who had signed it, I no longer remember, but my guess is that he still has it...a country singer, I think. We talked about high school, we talked about prom (he went with another of our dear friends!), we talked about the future 10 year reunion (we were gonnna go together!). We had good times.

Fast forward another almost 10 years...high school reunion has come and gone, and yet, we have found each other again, on Facebook. So awesome being able to connect with dear friends!

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