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April 24, 2011

Recipe Thursday: A bit of a healthy kick

Over the recent few weeks, I've been on a bit of a healthier kick---this is not meant to suggest that I eat healthy, only that some of the things I've eaten have been healthy-ish! So, in that, I've been making a simple polenta, vegetable and seitan dish...

Here's what ya need:
Buy a roll of polenta (when bought pre-made in a roll, it's easy to slice and pan sear...)
frozen or fresh veggies (your favorites for "stir-fry" style cooking is best!)
WestSoy (or some other brand) seitan (mentioned in this previous entry)
Braggs (mentioned in this previous entry)

Here's what ya do:
Warm 2 lightly oiled skillets
In the first, heat 1/4 thick sliced polenta on both sides until a little golden brown looking (or at least browner than when you started; really, you're just warming them!)
In the second, heat the seitan to preferred consistency, then add veggies and cook to desired consistency. When ready, add a little Braggs (I don't measure; I just make sure it's well mixed around the pan); cook a little longer (so that there's no standing liquid from the Braggs).

Serve warm veggies and seitan mixture on top of the polenta.

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