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April 30, 2011, Saturday?

O, O, o-O-OH. O, O, o-Oh.
O, O, o-O-OH.
The Right Stuff!

Oliver's got it, for sure....The right stuff, that is. He's one cool dude. 

Now, as you glance at Oliver's (Oli, for short) FB profile, you might be thinking, "...Um, BG, this person lives in Germany, and you live in, uhhhhhh, Illinois. How is this a friendship?" How is this a friendship, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya. To be honest, I've never Met Oli. Dr.Blueberry spent a few months in Germany in the Fall of 2009, and while he was there, he met Oli. In fact, he lived with Oli for a few days while Dr.B was waiting for the apartment he rented to be ready. Admittedly, I was a bit bothered by this prospect: staying with someone he didn't know, but Dr.B got soooooo lucky with Oli! He's a super-swell dude! 

And, well, since I don't have any experience-in-my-body memories necessarily to share with you, I'll simply share my FB memories... Oli and I met via Dr.Blueberry on FB. I don't speak any German, Oli speaks some English (yay!!!). Together, we're quite the pair. When he updates his FB status, I got NO IDEA what he's saying. He taught me on FB to say "Guten Morgen!" one day--this made me happy, happy. His statuses usually involve some smart web link or a fresh and happy "guten morgen" to his readers, and on occasion he mentions upcoming plans, such as grilling out, a memory that I believe Dr.B was able to experience with Oli!

And, while these little moments are the things that connect us currently, I am absolutely certain that we will have the chance to meet within the next few years, as Dr.B and I are hopeful to visit Berlin again someday.

It's my great pleasure to introduce you to my friend, Oli-the-Berliner!


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