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April 24, 2011

This (and last) week in Pictures

I've been traveling since Wednesday morning, and have had limited internet access....bear with me as I try to catch up.

I had a meeting in Anthony Hall last week...this was the "waiting area" picture.

Thanks for some pro-choice supporters at escorting last weekend!

My friend Sabrina gave me this, and I love's made of that really mushy gooey material that is gross, lol!

Getting my nails done, shellac style!

the storm is'a coming to Carbondale!

Springtime makes me so happy!

Look at that life!

One of my classmates and her wild hair--love this gal! She's adorable!

Driving across East Texas to get to the DFW area.

And, the Texas flag flies high!

My brother and sister-in-laws cat, Jack! He's such a lover!

Indian food in Denton

A close-up!

On the Border, woot!

Veggie fajitas (cooked without the butter)!

University of North Texas, the backside of the General Academic Building

When I was a grad student here, this is where we hung times!

Only in Texas will you find a waffle iron this shape!

My brother and sister-in-laws fancy new couch. White leather, with 3 boys...wowza, what a choice!

At the Spiral Diner--a vegan cafe--in Fort Worth. Sooooo yummy!

My sister-in-law enjoying a "meatball sub" at the Spiral Diner!

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