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April 28, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Simplicity

There's just something about a delicious and simple BLT sandwich... Seriously, when the tomatoes are perfectly ripe, these little gems can really top off a day, and for some odd reason, I've been really wanting one lately. I ate at the Spiral Diner in Fort Worth last week with my brother and sister-n-law (and nephews), and they had a VLT on the menu--I'm assuming VeggieBac'n-Lettuce-Tomato--but I didn't have it (there were far too many delicious vegan menu items to choose from!)....I'm regretting this decision.

Today, I am going to the store--I haven't been since I got back into town--to buy veggies and such, and I'll also buy the "fixins" for a BLT vegan style: bread, veggiebac'n, lettuce, tomato, and some vegannaise... Now, admittedly, I've never been a huge fan of the vegannaise, but I'm thinking it's time to get over it.

So, BLT! It's what's for dinner (tonight!)!


  1. Not a fan of Vegenaise? Tell me it ain't so. I find the stuff truly wonderful, whether you're a vegetarian or not. Me? I prefer the reduce-fat variety simply for the lower caloric content (same taste, less calories).

    Okay... We're all sitting on pins and needles out here in the blogosphere. How was your VLT? "Spectacular. Truly spectacular" I would imagine.

  2. OMG, It was so delicious, Chucky! I think I can deal with the's growing on me! At the Spiral Diner, I had a jerk sandwich--blackened tempeh with pineapple, lettuce, and pickle (strange, with the pineapple, but still fun!), and it had just a spoonful of the veganaise. It's honestly the first time I've given it a try since going vegan; Dr.Blueberry uses it, but I didn't care for it. This is why I'm at the "get over it" stage! It might also be time for veggie lunch"meat" slices---historically I've not been able to stand the smell, but alas, if I'm going to keep this diet, I will have to expand my options!
    Thanks for checking in!
    Question: How do you like your veggie b'con? I like mine super-crispy!