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February 27, 2011

365: This Week in Pictures

This has been an interesting week, as you'll see in these pictures!


Sat/Sun Feb 19/20: Taken some time around midnight....this is a delicious dessert shared with my dear friend Janelle at the Global Gourmet. Chocolate + berries = yum!

Feb 21 -- mailing the taxes! woot woot!

Feb 22 -- my view for most of the day. I had a weird stomach virus or something, and I laid on the couch, sleeping, watching tv and the like all day. When I wasn't on the couch, well, let's just note that THIS picture is prettier than the others!

Feb 23-- My favorite veggie (vegan) burgers! I didn't make them this day, but I did take a picture to send to my sister-n-law so that she could buy some. I'm making them Sunday for my Oscar Watching Party!

Feb 24--Signs of SPRING! I can't wait! These are the tulips that someone planted before me at the place we rent... Did I mention that I can't wait for spring! Come'on!

Feb 25 -- A christmas gift in the making: scarf in Chiefs colors! SCORE!

Feb 26 -- My favorite breakfast at the Longbranch: Eggs Longbranch! (open-faced sandwich, with two eggs over-medium, with a hollandaise sauce on top and a side of potatoes). Delicious!

Hope you've had a great week! Did you take any pictures?

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  1. Yes. Did you know Nate's mom was an author? She has written several novels but this is her first attempt at a children's series. Sierra loves them. Especially, monster trucks. It is funny and cute. Thanks for reading my blog it really makes me happy that you do.