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February 12, 2011

365 Pictures: VDay

Dr.Blueberry asked me the other day when "Valentine's Day became the new christmas," and I simply said, "I have a lot of things I want to give you right now!" I guess that's only sorta true.

I'll start with a story:
Dr.Blueberry eats a vegan diet, and sometimes holidays where chocolates are foregrounded (v-day, easter, etc.) can be hard for people who like chocolate. So, for the recent five or so years, I've ordered vegan chocolate candies from Rose City Chocolatier. Rose City makes ahhhhhmazing chocolates! I mean, melt in your mouth deliciosity! If you are vegan, please try them---they aren't cheap, but they are totally worth it! Ok, that's enough said about the chocolates---I don't want to talk them up too much and then find you disappointed with my suggestion, like happens to me about really hyped-up movies! Needless to say, I ordered Dr.B a fairly substantial amount of vegan chocolates this year and had them shipped to his office. Oh-so-delish!

So, he got those for v-day, and I apparently made reference to something else he's getting, which prompted the snark-a-delic comment about vday/christmas. So, yeah, he's getting one more's in process though!

February 10 -- (see my food entry for the Feb 9 picture this week!) On Wednesday, I went with my friend Molly to Hobby Lobby (YAY!), and I had seen this yarn before, but I decided to buy a couple of skeins when we were there this week. This is at the end of the first day I started it (Thursday), about 14".

February 11 -- On Friday I volunteered at the local GLBT youth safe space, and I knitted while I was there hanging out, and I got up to about 35". I don't know how many more inches I'll do....there isn't much left on this second skein, so I might have to make my way to Hobby Lobby today to get a third just in case, but the point of this story is that (I hope Dr.B isn't reading this), he's getting a hand-knitted scarf from yours truly for VDay this year. I did a simple garter stitch (I had to ask my academic advisor dood, who is a much more versed knitter than I, and he told me the kind of stitch I'm using), and for the record, this will be my first completed giveable-thing (as opposed to the amoeba-looking thing I made the first time around; oh, and I'm also working on a pair of leg warmers right now, but those will likely be for me!)!
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  1. Wow, it is beautiful. I am glad that my blundered attempt to teach at least inspired. I am glad you sought out an advisor in your journey. What a fun Valentine's present. Love it. Thanks for leaving me a message, they always light my day.

  2. This is amazing. I keep saying I need to learn how to knit and then I see something like this and I really need to learn how to knit.

  3. I'll post a picture of the completion,'s looking just FABulous!