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February 10, 2011

Recipe Thursday: A Blog to Follow

My friend Kristi is such an inspirational blogger. Her blog (Eat Your Fruit and Veggies) helps remind me of the little things I already know but don't always remember or consider. She recently posted a How to Bake a Potato recipe that I promptly tried. I tried it lastnight, and recently one of my friends said he's been wanting a baked potato but has never been good at making them, so in order to help him (and perhaps others) with this somewhat daunting task, I'm sharing her recipe.

When I went to the store this week, I bought two baking potatoes (which is hard to do...perhaps Kristi can help me become a more informed potato buyer?), prepped it as she suggests (minus cutting off a bad spot or two on each potato), and added a few "vegetarian" style touches (aka I added some freshly steamed veggies to the top), and here's what mine looks like!

February 9th -- Baked potato with butter, broccoli, cauliflower, cheese, and salt & pepper on top. Simple, delicious, and satisfying!

Enjoy, dear ones.


  1. I hope it tasted as good as it looks. Thanks for sharing the post.

  2. Thank you for posting on my BBQ Gardein Baked Potato. I need that kind of encouragement to try new products. I totally will have to try the tenders now! Thanks!