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February 25, 2011

Friend Friday: HollyPop

Holy Holley! There is a holiday each time I spend time with the Happy Holley Vaughn!

Seriously, about Holley: one of my favorite people on the planet! (I know I say this about everyone, but ....What can I say, I have awesome friends!!!) We met while in grad school at the one and only (and never before referenced---read: sarcasm and humor) University of North Texas. A 4'8" (actually I have no idea how tall she actually is!) bundle of happiness, brilliance, beauty, and woot woot!! We ate Strawberry Shortcake cake together. We (admittedly) spent a great deal of time together at Rips (or as my bank card statement listed, the "University Rec Center"), Lou's, and (oh no, I just forgot the name of my favorite rooftop spot in Denton!!!). We made up songs about Habermas (wikipedia reference alert!) to the tune of our favorite christmas songs, and let's face it, we LOVED christmas songs, we loved singing, we just LOVED!

Days with Holley were (are!) groovy, baby!

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