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February 11, 2011

Friend Friday: Faizah Harbuu

On to the Fffff's....I only have two facebook friends whose names begin with F: Francis and Faizou (and, this isn't even her real name). So, I gotta come up with some good stuff for these two! But, in order to make sure I don't run out of F-named ffffffriends, I'm gonna talk about the one with the "make-believe" name fffffirst, lol. "Make Believe" may be a bit of a stretch--I actually haven't taken the time to ask her what's up with the new FB name--this is my ffffffault. Anyways....I don't want to miss my opportunity to talk about her, lol!

Taaliba (or Faizah) is FFFFFabulous! We met when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA through our mutual friend Heather (I'm guessing she'll get a "friend friday" entry at some point, as she's one of my FFFFavorite people on the planet!) and our mutual friend Tamara (again, one of my fffffaves!). How they all met, I may never know, but here's what I can tell you about Faizah. She is beautiful-inside and out. She is giving, kind, patient, and funny (such lovely qualities in any friend), and at the same time, she will T-Totally tell ya like it is (also a valuable quality in a friend)! She is uber-smart, attending a Masters program for School Counseling at Duquesne University. What else, she's a vegetarian her whole life, rode the Pittsburgh Port Authority bus system her whole life, until recently when she bought a car (yay for the Saturn!) and got her license, which from what I understand was a ffffffun experience (hello, parallel parking is a beast!)! She loves nachos.....even though she usually regrets eating them.....but this love affair also totally pleases me, as it means she'll also eat at the Mad Mex with me ANY time I visit Pittsburgh!

There's a lot to say about Faizah, but this is what I have so ffffar. How'd ya like that?!


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