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February 7, 2011

Addiction: Facebook

I'm taking my life back...I am! I am taking my life back from Facebook, starting TODAY! I think I have to admit that I kinda love Facebook. I love that it enables me to keep in touch with so many dear friends--friends from high school, friends from college, friends who are formerly students, friends who are also family....friends from a variety of walks in my life. I love this aspect of Facebook. What I don't so much love about the Book 'o Faces is that since I've been on the social networking site, I've played a variety of you.must.log.on.regularly (a.k.a. several times daily!) games, and I can spend hours reading news articles, reading notes, watching videos, and the like that these friends post. And, doing all this makes me (enjoyably) lose hours of my daily life....hours!

So, starting today, I'm taking my life back. I have an addiction. A Facebook addiction. And, though I can't chew nicotine gum, and I can't go to meetings, I can take my life back!

How? Well, that's a bit more difficult to answer... I think it starts by minimizing my time on the site. This started today. When I woke up this morning, I said to myself, I don't need to get on FB. That was a lie....right now, I do need to get on Facebook. That will change over time. So, instead of quitting "cold turkey" (what does that even mean?), I'm going to ween myself off...

Today, I only allowed myself to log into Facebook when I was in the office, which my office hours are from 8-12 Mon-Thur....I cheated on this diet already. I checked the site using my cell phone around 1:30 this afternoon, but as soon as I did it, I felt horribly guilty, so I peeked and then shut it off! I don't know why I felt guilty, I just did, lol.

The catch: I don't know how this is going to play out on the weekend, when I don't have office hours. I don't want to not ever log into Facebook...that would be silly. So, I might instead pick an hour or two during the weekend hours when I'll permit myself to log in. For instance, this Friday, maybe I'll say from 8-12 I can log in, but if I am not near the computer from 8-12, I lose that time. Too bad, so sad!

I think more than anything, this is about setting usage boundaries. Choosing times when I allow myself, treat myself with Facebook time.

So, this is where I'm starting....

Oh, one more catch: Just because I'm not on Facebook does not mean I get to use other social networking sites. For instance, I'm not going to switch to Myself or blogging (I know, sad)....I need to watch my usage of sites...across the board.

That is all for now! I'll keep you updated on how this works out, especially in the coming weekend.


(PS, you want yesterday and today's picture? Check it!)

February 6 -- I love football, so this is my Superbowl Sunday picture, of my friend Janelle, who admittedly did not have a horse in the race yesterday, so she claimed one of my faces: the Steelers! Woot woot... A great game, even though the Steelers lost...a GREAT game and a ton of great company over to watch the game!

Feb 7 -- ugh....I have such a sweet tooth at this time of the month. This is a delicious Chocolate Raspberry Cake...did I mention delicious! I clearly did not make it--I was in panic, I need chocolate, mode!

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