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February 17, 2011

Recipe Thursday: Vegan Cooking Blog

What a find! I was looking over some blogs last weekend, trying to think about an upcoming challenge I'm planning (I'll share more on that topic later), when I came across this blogger. The Shannons decided to do a "Julia & Julia" style challenge, but using Betty Crocker and making the recipes VEGAN---Absolute Brilliance! They have a ton of amazing recipes, and while I haven't looked at all of them, the ones I have reviewed look simply amazing!

Hence, I'm sharing these recipes with you, while also reminding myself that vegan dining is totally possible!


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  1. Patricia C. Ross
    I usually make tomato rice using pressure cooker.Recently my friend Shalini told me to try in electric rice cooker without using a kadai and she shared her recipe too. I love tomato rice only when it is fully packed with garam masalas.For Sendhil, it should be with least spices.So i tried Shalini’s recipe which has very less spices with a south Indian touch.He loved it a lot.I have made it many times so far.It comes out very well.