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February 24, 2011

Recipe Thursday: My comfort food


I've had a little stomach bug (or stress that's bugging my stomach or something) for the recent several days, and I'm glad to be getting back to normal today....I even had hunger, which totally made me happy! I ate and ate and ate (ok, that's a serious exaggeration, but I did eat, and it was delightful!).

Anyways, one of my go-to comfort foods, which for the record is probably not healthy for me in those sickly moments in pan-seared tofu. I think it's that, when prepared the way I'm going to suggest below, it's texture reminds me of my mom's home cooking (without the grease and deep-fried-ness of chicken, lol). So, what did I make?

I made a little "chicken" and rice---ok, "chicken" is really "tofu" but you get the point.

Because I've been a bit under the weather, I wasn't really feeling cooking from scratch today, so I cooked up a box of rice-a-roni long grain and wild rice. It's a simple recipe for rice, and it's vegan (when you use vegan margarine for the "butter"), AND it tastes kinda delish! And, on the side, I cooked up some tofu. But, before I cooked it, I cubed it into small-ish pieces (I like them kinda small), and then I pressed the tofu. The directions on that site are almost exactly what I do, and I really like the way the tofu cooks up. And, to cook it, I very lightly oil my stainless steel skillet and after the oil is warm, I add the pressed tofu and let it cook. Some folks have a hard time with tofu on stainless steel, but I've found that when I warm the oil and allow it to coat the pan, the tofu rarely sticks.

Once both the rice and the tofu are cooked, I mix them and serve them up! See....simple. About 30 minutes prep (mostly in pressing the tofu and cooking the rice). And, delicious!

Oh, and btw, I went to the store today: I only bought food items that are vegan. No dairy, no eggs...just veggies and things to cook fresh, delicious food. My big news to share at the moment: I'm going vegan for lent (no, I'm not catholic, I just appreciate a challenge). What might you give up for lent this year?


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