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January 23, 2011


I just want to fess up today, loud and clear.

"ahem....I love football season, even when most of my teams are already out of the playoffs."

Who are my teams, you might wonder? Well, always America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys. They are my home team, and no matter how much I may or may not dislike Jerry Jones, they're my 'boys! Also, the Kansas City Chiefs....mostly because of Dr.Blueberry, but then, well, because I love football so much generally, it's easy for me to be a Chiefs fan (even though they hold the record for most losses in the first round of the playoffs). And, finally the Pittsburgh Steelers. Why? Why not? No, seriously...when Dr.B and I first moved to Pittsburgh for his first year of the PhD, we were told to be fans or to have our house egged. We liked our house. So, we decided to be fans. Ok, for realsies---they are a rockin' team, and Pittsburgh fans are fans to the core, and that made being a Stillers fan fun.

Who's your team?!

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