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January 19, 2011

Pictures this week...

January 16--Laundry Day. I kinda despise folding laundry, lol!

January 17, Getting Ready for School--lunch packed (pb&j, baby carrots and celery, crackers and cheese, and an apple), with some grape juice for breakfast in the morning.

January 18--Pizza date (from Whiffle Boys pizza) with my upstairs neighbor and his lady friend.!
January 20 -- My friend Molly dusting all the snow off her car as we were leaving school. (yes, she gave me permission to post her picture)! We musta dusted a full inch or two in spots off our cars....
January 19--Day three of school, and this is what my office floor looks like already! Oh semester, how you rule my office floor!

 Oops, looks like I forgot to take a picture on January 21st!

January 22 -- One Saturday each month, I volunteer to escort women from their cars to the building at the Hope Clinic for Women (an abortion clinic) in Granite City, IL (about 2.5 hours drive from my home). This cold morning occurred on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, and the protesters were out in full force. The image above is of some of the protesters engaging in a "Jericho Walk," where they walk around the building seven times....

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