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January 14, 2011

Friend Friday

It brings me a great deal of bliss to be able to tell you about Brenda Prell today. Brenda is one of the first people I had the opportunity to meet when I moved to Carbondale, IL to start graduate school. She is the graduate secretary in our department, and she has become a valuable friend in the two and a half years I've known her. I've carved pumpkins at her house with her and her family, decorated the office for the holidays, helped one of her daughters move (a bed) across town, and just generally chatted her up---she's such a great talker and a wonderful listener!

Brenda has three daughters, a dog and a cat or two, and she has a welcoming heart. She is creative and crafty (shown by her ability to knit a scarf in, oh, 15 minutes....if I'm not an exaggerator, I don't know what I am!). She has a healthy and hearty laugh, and she has a beautiful sense of humor! I have been in the same office with her for the recent semester (and for the upcoming semester), and I love, love, love it! It's nice to see her (and the student assistants) when I first come in the door.

Brenda also sells Pampered Chef products, as a side job, and she's an AMAZING cook! She's even had a party where she made a vegetarian dish (the green, red, and white lasagna recipe I shared some time back). Seriously, Brenda is a great mouth is watering thinking about some of the things she's made that I've eaten.

And, on that note, I should probably have some breakfast!

If you have the chance, get to know this wonderful, wonderful lady....she's great people, and I love her lots and lots!!

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