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January 7, 2011

Friend Friday

In keeping with new blog ideas, here's another one: Friend Friday. On each Friday of the year, I will use Facebook to choose a friend (alphabetically, so A-Z twice EEK) to blog about...

Today's winner is (and first entry goes to) Andrea Baldwin, and I'd like to add briefly that this is an AWESOME (with an A) way to start this blogging trend!
Andrea is a superbly cool lady. We met at the University of North Texas, where I completed my Master's degree, while she was an undergraduate student. She is an uber-talented and intelligent (and, need I say beautiful) young woman--she has performed on several formal stages, under many directors, and since performance is her major area of research, her experience is translated to the page also. As a matter of reference, Andrea also performed in my thesis performance ("You Know that Feeling?" ...) with colleagues Rachael, Zane, and Brent. It came as no surprise to me that Andrea also completed the graduate program at the University of North Texas, and I am happy to report that she is now a doctoral student at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (with ME!)! She's such a supportive colleague and ally to have the opportunity to work with and call a friend, and she is a southern woman to the brim....

I suggest that if you have the opportunity, you also will take the time to get to know this down-to-earth, always friendly, ever-welcoming gal.

Oh, and if you're wondering why there isn't a picture of us here...together...well, forgive me, but it seems as though I don't have one of us together. :( This blog entry is a good reason to change that error.

Peace, love, and friendship.