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January 21, 2011

Friend Friday: Cindy Gordon

Cindy is, to say the least, one of my favorite people on the planet--yes, the planet! So, the hard part of this post will be deciding exactly what to share....there's (let me just try to break it down a little, though)!

  • She's a former undergraduate student of mine, from when I taught Performance of Literature (and of Dr.Blueberry's when he taught the Rhetoric and Argument class) at the University of North Texas (UNT).
  • She's now the Director of the Basic Course at the same university, after having completed her MA at UNT (it kinda makes a mama proud, which is just so very vain of me!!).
  • She has a blast of a sense of humor, loves to go out with friends, and travel.
  • She loves critters, proven by her house full of animals!
  • She's always welcoming of guests, and I've definitely spent a night or two at her (and her hubby's) house when I've been in the DFW area visiting family and friends.
  • Her love of the vino puts mine to shame, but I always know she'll have a drink (of some variety) with me, should the occasion arise!
  • My guess is that she's never met a stranger who didn't immediately become a friend!
  • She has great taste in bags, purses, clothes, shoes....ugh, you name it, this gal's got style!
  • She's a runner, a trait in several of my friends that I sorta envy (I'm just not a runner).
  • She has the kind of smile that totally lights up a room.
And, well, she's just the all around cream of the crop, and I'm oh so glad to call her a friend!

Love to Cindy!

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