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January 30, 2011

365 Pictures--More from this week

In order to help me keep up with taking pictures, I'm posting them regularly.... Here are a few more for you! (they are totz out of order, as you can tell)

January 27 -- I thought I'd share some color with you all. My computer has a "skin" on it, and I'm always getting compliments, and the item with the bird is my new pencil pouch bought at this etsy shop. I just love having colorful and original things, and I get so many compliments on these two!
January 28 -- The taco salad I made for lunch with the leftovers from taco Thursday! It was delicious. It got: TVP, black beans, lettuce, cucumber, red, green, and orange bell pepper, cilantro, and some cheese piled on the plate and is surrounded by chips. I don't typically like eating leftovers, but I'm trying to be better about that!
January 28 again...notice the 2nd Auffenberg logo? Yeah....I had to take my car back to the shop Friday because the check engine light came back on Thursday. I was sure peeved, but luckily they didn't charge me and told me to simply run some good (high octane, high performance) gas through my, that's what I'm doing! :)
January 29--Such a beautiful day in Southern Illinois. So beautiful, in fact, that I packed up with my friend Janelle, and we drove out to Starview Vineyards for a little while. I really like the way the sun is peeking through those trees in this picture (which I took with my cell phone--boy oh boy was I mad at myself for having forgotten to grab my good Digital SLR when I left).

January 26 -- I'm sharing this picture because it was such an important part of my day Wednesday....if not important, it certainly occupied a good deal of my day!
Auffenberg is the Saturn Certified Service center in town, and my "check engine" light came on, so I took it in for $1000 worth of repairs. Luckily, my 2005 Ion II has an extended warranty (yay Dr.B and me for thinking to invest in that), and we saved $500. What was wrong? needed a tune-up (spark plugs, fuel filter, and the like), and the added costs are the replacement of my ignition switch (which apparently had a short in it) and some other maintenance stuff that I opted to get done (coolant flush, brake fluids, etc.).
I am a firm believer in taking good care of my car, and I encourage you to do the same!


  1. i love your pencil bag! i also love colorful, original things like that :)

  2. It's a really great fabric bag, Courtney, and it seems durable! I bought it from an etsy shop (I linked it above after your comment thinking that might be an appropriate move), and she made me a matching hand mirror that is easy to carry inside the bag for when I'm at school. :)