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January 28, 2011

Friend Friday: David Ranalli

David Ranalli

A totz cool dude!

David is a former SIU student--he was in my Persuasion class in the Spring of 2010. He is not only brilliant, engaging, and a fun person to communicate with. He is also totally a magician! It's true--I couldn't make something this good up! Check out his magic website. On the last day of Persuasion, he asked me if I wanted him to do one more magic trick before he left. I said yes (of course!), and he did a card trick. I still have the's marked for life, and I can't imagine letting go of it!! I love telling people about his magical ability. It is both the first thing he told me about himself while in that class and the last thing he reminded me of.

Magic aside, he's a really great person to have around. He is generally friendly and happy. He asks questions and engages in critical thought. He gives great hugs, and I love just chatting with him. He's the kind of person that when I see him, he's welcoming of a hello and a hug!

Meet this guy! He's FAB!

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