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January 18, 2011

Late Night Ramblings in an Early Morning Post

Sometimes when I'm laying in bed at night I can't sleep. Now, this is a new phenomenon for me---pretty much my whole life, as soon as my head has hit the pillow, I've passed out. So, since this is new for me, I've been considering things to do to help myself fall asleep, such as counting sheep. It hasn't yet seemed to work though. Here's what happens instead.

I start by counting sheep: "one one-thousand. two one-thousand. three one-thousand. Oh, crap! I need to buy a three-pack of folders for __________ project! ....ok, back on track. three one-thousand. four three one-thousand. five three one-thousand. Sheesh, I only have five more days until __________ is due! six one-thousand. ..."

You can probably see how this is working so far. I think tonight, I'd like to try something else.

Got any ideas?

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