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January 2, 2011

365 Pictures

Well, it's the first Sunday of 2011, and my Sundays will for the year include pictures from my week. Since this week only includes 2 days (the 1st and 2nd), this one will be short....

I figured since the first is a day of beginnings, I should start with a good one. This picture has some interesting significance. It was taken as a self-portrait, which means Dr.Vegan's head is cut-off, lol. I took it in our kitchen, while we were cooking (Dr.V is making cornbread at this very moment but stopped for the photo opp!), and you can even see our kitchen rack over his shoulder and our washing machine over mine. This is also the last time I wore my favorite sweatshirt (from my FWST days). It has been pretty holy for awhile, and Dr.V made a statement that stuck on this day. He said, "You wouldn't let me keep a shirt that had that many holes." He is right....I would've tossed it; so, in fairness, I tossed this one. Either way, this is us on the first....preparing to enjoy some vegan cornbread, blackeyed peas, rice, and cabbage (a traditional southern new years dinner).

This picture was taken on the 2nd of January. It contains only our luggage and shoes. We're packing up to head to Pittsburgh, PA for a few days (Dr.V starts back to school on Thursday, and I don't start back until the 18th). I'm looking forward to the trip, seeing some of our friends, and enjoying the city and food. I'll take lots and lots of pictures in the coming week...promise (and, I'll try to post them next Sunday--in honor or my new blog posting idea--but I make no promises on the day, since I'm traveling again the following Monday...I know, I know....we travel a lot.).

Hope 2011 is treating you well so far.

Be happy.

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