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the day to day life of me, the bourgeois gal. this blog is a space for me to write about my daily life, including my vegan and vegetarian cooking, baking, and dining experiences, the research I do, the travel I embark upon, and other random things in this little thing we call life.

January 12, 2011

Tree Blogging

"When we live in the house we relate to the tree, however powerfully."

Trees are such an powerful part of my daily routine.
I hear the birds in the trees out my office window in the spring.
In the fall, large leaves from the tree sit comfortably at its trunk.
Today, a cool January month, I see the snow falling from the tree branches, flurry by flurry softly touching the ground.
I sit, walk, stand on a floor made from trees.
My desk....formerly a tree.
Trees is such a powerful....integral....part of my daily routine.

This tree...moves me.
It is the first thing I see in the morning,
and the last thing I see at night.
It patiently awaits my arrival and departure.
It is present when I am absent.

This has been a blog for @Platea's Tree-Blogging project. Please check out the project here.


  1. Every time I view your site I feel cooler. I say this because you find interesting sites and projects which lead me to other interesting sites and projects. You are awesome!

  2. Well, I just think this is the nicest thing anyone could say, friend! Thanks so much!